North Tank Painting Project Update

November 1, 2017

North Tank Painting Project Update

Work on the Fox Chapel Authority (FCA) northern booster district water storage tank project is nearing completion.

The painting phase of the project is now complete and two cellular carriers are currently in the process of re-installing their antenna equipment.

Re-filling of tank is scheduled to begin on Monday November 6th and water quality tests will follow.  The final step in this project is to file a completion certificate and water quality lab analysis results with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) and obtain approval from the PA DEP to place this tank back into operation.


FCA will continue to utilize its booster district pumping station to maintain normal pressure flow until the North tank is placed back into operation. Some high points within this booster district may experience low pressure during peak hours of water usage.

This tank is projected to be back in service prior to Friday November 25th.

Please contact Fox Chapel authority at (412) 963-0212 if you experience any low pressure or water quality issues.