Automatic Service Meter Reading Upgrades Underway

Automatic Service Meter Reading Upgrades Underway

May 8, 2017

Have you been contacted by Fox Chapel Authority about replacing your water meter battery? If you have, don’t be alarmed as this is a standard maintenance procedure.

The Authority gathers meter readings by driving a vehicle through each service area to collect water consumption information that is transmitted from the Meter Transceiver Unit (MXU) attached to your water meter. The MXU batteries must be replaced every10-15 years to ensure that the transmission signal strength remains adequate.

The next generation of equipment involves improving upon the automatic meter reading infrastructure so that water consumption information can be transmitted directly to the Fox Chapel Authority office without the need to drive-by each service area.

To begin preparation for this next generation of meter reading, as old MXU batteries need replaced our friendly service crew will also physically move the MXU to the outside of your home.   The water meter will remain in place where it is currently located. A thin wire is used to connect the water meter with the MXU device on the exterior of your home. The MXU is a small device with dimensions of Width: 5 9/16” x Height: 5 ½” x Depth: 3”.